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About Rob Golin

Rob Golin brings almost 30 years of experience to the Logistics Industry:Rob Golin

  • Started performing sales for a $3 million company named Crown Courier in Miami, FL
  • Became Sales Manager for Crown Courier within 2 years.
  • General Manager for Crown Courier was the next stepping stone
    • Rebranded the company
    • Introduced CRM into the company, tied to “bottoms up” budgeting
  • Started a new division of the company named Crown Logistics, which grew to a $10 million 3PL within 2 years with 32% EBITDA
  • Crown Courier/Logistics became a part of 13 companies rolled up as a $240 million IPO on AMEX (CD&L), naming Rob Golin as Director of Sales.
    • Also played an integral role in M&A
    • Spearheaded the Corporate Sales Committee
  • After contract expired, Rob formed NexLinc with 3 partners, a 3PL based in Nashville, TN. This was sold to CD&L within 3 years.
  • Rob then became VP of Logistics and VP of the SE Region for AirNet, a $150 million airline traded on the NYSE, specializing in small package delivery. Rob was on the technology committee and helped integrate over 20 salespeople onto a CRM platform, which was tied to back office capabilities.
  • Next step in Rob’s business was co-owner of a CRM business called LogistixCRM, which specialized in CRM for the Logistics industry. This was later acquired by a Private Equity Group.
  • Rob is passionate to help companies grow their top-line and bottom-line revenue. Seeking new revenue streams “outside the box” in such a dynamic logistics environment, bringing solutions and the results that follow, based upon KPI.

He has also been a speaker at many of the Logistics Conferences, based upon his various areas of expertise. For additional information, please see his LinkedIn Profile: